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Choti Bahu is the story of Radhika,a simple girl living in the pious city of Vrindavan,Utter Pradesh ,India.A dutiful daughter,a loving sisiter,and above all an ardent worshipper of Lord Krishna who is adapted by a revered priest Pandit Brij Mohan Shastri and his beloved wife,Devki.
However.she is nothing more than a glorified servant to Amma who is Pandit Shastri's mother,despite the fact being that she is an adopted daughter.

The story revolves around Radhika's sacrifies to keep her family happy,twisting from one troublesome situation to another.The only refuge she has is her only friend-Lord Krishna.

Here is the lyrics:

Teri har jhalak mein dikhe wo rab,

teri name koh hi duaa kahe,

Teri har jhalak mein dikhe wo rab,

teri name koh hi duaa kahe tu pohonch gaya meri ruh tak,

ab tujhse kaise juda rahe,

Teri har jhalak kehti hai sab,

tu kahe mujhe ya na kahe,

tu Pohunch hi gaya mere rooh tak,

ab tujhe kaise juda rahe

Ek imtihan aisa mukaam,

Jo her kisi ko mila nahii,

Kaise karein isko bayan,

is dastaan ki jubaan nahi

Kehti hai hun yehi Ishq hai,

chahe tu ise saja kahe,

Jo pohonch hi gaya ter rooh tak,

unse kaise khud se juda kahein,

ab tujhse kaise juda rahein,

unse kaise khud se juda kahein.

If you like the song Teri Har Jhalak(Audio),Then you can download it from here.

Download Choti Bahu-Teri Har Jhalak


  1. Anonymous  

    In the text it say " Teri har jhalak mein dikhe woh rab" but in audio it is " Teri har jhalak mein dikhe HAI SAB" Why?? do you have the original song?

  2. Anonymous  

    its a touch heart song.when a person listen this song they flooing

  3. Anonymous  

    as the original song is called

  4. Anonymous  

    how to find music or original albumu.........Teri har jhalak..........Baware Naina :D

  5. bablu  

    hey this is very good song and i want to download this song please tell me how can i download this

  6. vidya  

    wat a song touches heart verry nice song.....:)

  7. satyam  

    who is the singer of this song?please tell me

  8. sourabh ojha  


  9. varsha  

    yeaaah awesum words cannot speak.............

  10. naina  

    really heart touching...)

  11. Anonymous  

    very nice

  12. Anonymous  

    meaningful and beautiful lines...

  13. sugli  


  14. jana  

    i lv like my jaanu "2mint"
    lv u jaan

  15. Anonymous  

    Awesome i lv these song

  16. Anonymous  

    My favourite song.THAT'S WHY ITS AWESOME

  17. Anonymous  

    So beautiful song..........

  18. anjali  

    i love my jaanu my anupam and this song for him

  19. Anonymous  

    please tell me how can i download this songs...........please............

  20. jaanulove  

    realy nice song..............

  21. simran  

    avi i dedicte dis sng to u bby...luv uh cho mchhh...

  22. sukhvir  

    Thanks for needfull posting, i like to read this type of post and mostly like to
    The Complaints Criminal Mind mp3 downloads . Thanks again for post.

  23. Anonymous  

    gud one

  24. Rock rohan  

    heart tuching yaa..i love my jaan 4ever..

  25. amit Singh  

    This song is is a really touching heart.... Beautiful song.....

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